A collection of translucent rectangles floats in mid air as an arm reaches down and a finger presses oneThinking about buying hearing aids over the Internet?

We get asked regularly about buying hearing aids over the Internet. While some people may enjoy the challenge and independence of this approach, it is not generally recommended if you want to achieve the best hearing outcome.

  1. Without a proper assessment by a trained health professional, misdiagnosis or oversight of conditions is possible.
  2. Our Audiologists have at their disposal a huge variety of software, tools, spare parts and fitting accessories to suit your hearing profile and physiology. There are open domes, closed domes, extended hooks, many lengths of ear tubing and the list goes on. Everyone's ear is different.
  3. Experience matters. With the massive choice of brands, styles, models and features available, knowing what has worked for others in similar situations is one of the keys to a successful outcome. When common problems arise, such as feedback (a whistling noise when wearing the aid), your Audiologist will know exactly what steps to take to resolve the issue.
  4. When you get fitted with a hearing aid at Brindabella Hearing & Speech Centre, our guarantee means you will not be stuck with your first choice if it does not work out. Our independence ensures you will have other world-leading brands to try. If you do buy over the internet, make sure you understand the seller's policies first.

You might also wish to review the official position on this subject from Australia's professional body for Audiologists, Audiology Australia - Advice Regarding Internet Based Hearing Aid Sales [external link PDF 530 Kb]. This document also contains links to similar official positions from 5 respected world-leading hearing aid companies.

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